Some companies I have worked for on a regular basis.

ITV/The London Studios
            I worked here as part of the MCR Team. Similar duties to my other MCR jobs, namely conforms, digitising, DVD and split-track digicut playouts, media consolidation, and AAF/OMFI export, for both SD and HD delivery. Shows I contributed to include Piers Morgan's Life Stories, Come Dine With Me, Four Weddings, and What Katie Did Next.

Maverick Television (2010)                                                                                                          

            I worked here as a Technical Assistant in the Edit Support team, between August and October 2010, working on shows such as Embarrassing Bodies, Bizarre ER,
and My Super Sweet World Class, produced for MTV. My main work here consisted of conforms, digitising, AAF and OMFI imports and exports, FTP uploads and tape-to-tape clones. I also edited various screen tests and tasters for potential new shows, and unseen footage sequences for My Super Sweet for the MTV website.

Barcroft Media (2010)                                                                                     
            I worked at this press agency from time to time in 2010 as Junior Editor, editing pieces for the company's website. These pieces were either in a self-contained format to be sold on to worldwide clients as edited, or as a taster format, for clients to get an impression of the full set of rushes available for purchase.

Clear Cut Pictures (2007-2010)
            I initially worked here on a freelance basis as a runner following a two-week work experience placement. I then returned to do some freelance Offline Support work in the company's MCR.

Living Spirit Pictures (Ongoing)   

            As well as editing the 'Gone Fishing' seminar, I continue to work here now and then to help out with the editing of video and audio interviews, seminar shoots and the like.

The Underwater Channel (Nov 2008 - May 2009)

            I worked here for six months as an in-house Assistant Editor. Principal duties were assembling the offline cuts of each month’s programming, mainly working to a format of either 7 or 14 minute pieces. Other duties included assisting with shooting, assisting with the online edits, and generally ensuring a smooth post-production process each month.

Moonbeam Films (Dec 2007 - May 2008)

            I was employed here as the regular freelance digitiser, digitising footage primarily for the media review progammes, 'The Listening Post,' and 'Election Post,' broadcast weekly on Al-Jazeera English.