My previous credits. 

Editor - Broadcast

Banished (2015) - Editor (Episode 3)
          Director: Daniel Percival; Producer: Sita Williams

          RSJ Films/See-Saw Films/BBC


Assistant Editor - Feature Film

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) - Second Assistant Editor
          Director: Ron Howard; Editors: Pietro Scalia, Chris Dickens
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - Second Assistant Editor
          Director: Gareth Edwards; Editors: John Gilroy, Jabez Olssen, Colin Goudie



The Sense of an Ending (2017) - First Assistant Editor
          Director: Ritesh Batra; Editor: John F. Lyons

          Origin Pictures/BBC Films/FilmNation 


What We Did On Our Holiday (2014) - First Assistant Editor
          Directors: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin; Editors: Steve Tempia, Mark Williams

          Origin Pictures/BBC Films/ 


The Counselor (2013) - Second Assistant Editor
          Director: Ridley Scott; Editor: Pietro Scalia

          Fox 2000/Scott Free  

Prometheus (2012) - Assistant Editor (UK)
          Director: Ridley Scott; Editor: Pietro Scalia

          20th Century Fox/Scott Free

The Story Of... (2010) - Assistant Editor
          Director: James Abadi; Editor: Anthony Stadler

          Magnet Films  

Assistant Editor - Broadcast

Luther (2015 - Series 4) - Assistant Editor
          Director: Sam Miller; Editor: Elen Pierce-Lewis

          BBC Drama 


The Scandalous Lady W (2015) - Assistant Editor
          Director: Sheree Folkson; Editors: Lucien Clayton, David Blackmore

          Wall to Wall/BBC 


Banished (2015) - Assembly Editor/Assistant Editor (Ep.1-2)
          Director: Daniel Percival; Editor: David Thrasher

          Origin Pictures/BBC 

Death Comes to Pemberley (2013) - Assistant Editor
          Director: Daniel Percival; Editor: David Thrasher

          Origin Pictures/BBC 

Hunted (2012) - Second Assistant Editor (Ep.1-4), First Assistant Editor (Ep.5-8)
          Directors: SJ Clarkson, James Strong, Alrick Riley, Daniel Percival                                                                           Editors: Liana Del Giudice, Roy Poole, Emma Oxley, Jamie Trevill, Jason Savage

          Kudos Film & TV/HBO/BBC  

Holby City (2011 - Series 13 & 14) - Assistant Editor
          Series Directors and Editors

          BBC Drama

Charley Boorman: Sydney to Tokyo By Any Means (2009) - Assistant Editor
          Directors: Sam Simon, Claudio von Planta; Editors: Jon Walker, Julia Frater, Mike Clark-Hall

          Big Earth/BBC


Charley Boorman: Ireland to Sydney By Any Means (2008) - Assistant Editor
          Director: Russ Malkin; Editors: Jon Walker, Julia Frater

          Big Earth/BBC