Details of courses that I have completed.

I love the fact that post-production is constantly evolving at such a rapid pace, and that there is always more learning to be done. I'm a firm believer that the best learning is achieved through experience, but equally I don't think it ever hurts to add to your knowledge now and then with some extra training.

With this in mind, I have completed the following courses since beginning my career in post-production:

MC205 Effects & Compositing in Avid Media Composer (VET, May 2013)

Having done all of the Avid temp VFX on The Counselor, I was keen to further expand my knoweldge of the effects tools within Media Composer, which this course enabled me to do.

RED Post-Production (VET, Mar. 2010)

Having worked on RED for the first time on 'Katherine of Alexandria' (a movie that was unfortunately never completed), I came away knowing that I really wanted to develop a much more complete knowledge of the various post workflows available when using the camera. This course definitely provided me with that, and I would now have great confidence about approaching any RED job in the future, on any editing system.

Understanding Video Technology (VET, Nov. 2009)

I took this course just to fill in some gaps in my knowledge, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! It covered the essentials of video and audio technology, from signals, formats and broadcast transmission, to cameras, decks, video encoding, and everything in-between.